About Val / ECHOES






Brown Eyes

Dark Blond Hair



with Christian Labeau

& Catherine Nowak


Stage Performance

with Rosalie Vandepoortaele

& Julie Verleye 

& Sylvie Maladry


Music theory and classical singing

with Diana Gonnissen


Voice control

with Myriam Beukens

Singing Workshops

with Olivier Ceux

& Christophe Postal

Clown Training

with Christophe Herrada

Voice-over Training

with Justin Douilliez

Face camera

with David Mathy

Val is half of the entity called ECHOES (since 1994), she is a Belgian artist whom as a child was jumping on every opportunity to make people laugh, smile or clown around.

Since then, through her performances, she keeps sharing moments of emotions with her audience.

© 1994 by Valérie MARION (ECHOES).

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